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„Speak, so I can see you"


Let us assist you to ensure an enduring impression with your public appearance

We support you with speaker trainings and professional moderation and facilitation services

Among all possible ways to express oneself and get in communication with people, speaking is the most direct one and the clearest. To leave a rich impact and to brilliantly deliver information to your audience, while utilizing your full potential in the best possible way, we at Rich Impact Speaking offer

  • speaker/Performance trainings customized to your needs
  • professional facilitation and moderation services for your events

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What is Rich Impact Speaking?


A strong voice – suits me well!

Especially if you are a person in a leadership position you should leave a rich impact with your performances or negotiations. You need to prove your rhetorical strength in order to be succinct and have a balanced appearance.

Through focused training of voice, breath, and expression you will achieve a professional public appearance mastering your presentations and speeches. You will use your personality effectively to successfully convey your messages.

Our solutions at a glance

We train you for all your public, professional and private appearances in which you want to shine with an impactful performance:

  • negotiations
  • presentation
  • speeches
  • video- and audio-recordings
  • interviews
  • job applications

We offer individual and group trainings in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian. Call us.

Let us speak for you

In addition to our speaker trainings we offer the possibility to moderate your events. This means, we lead participants through an event ensuring consistency in the process and creating a safe space for dialogue for stakeholder engagement as well as for panel discussions depending on your organization’s needs and goals.

We act with complete discretion and know, how important an atmosphere of trust is for effective communication and honest exchange. When opinions are shared openly, fruitful discussions lead to well-founded decisions.

Our solutions at a glance

We moderate/facilitate any public or professional event such as:

  • board conferences
  • panel discussions
  • stakeholder engagement discussions

Together with you we develop a plan to suit your personal needs. Call us.


Methods for our speaker training

Convey your messages sustainably with your audience. Dive into your full communications potential and learn techniques and instruments, which will help you to concentrate on the essential aspects of your speech and to communicate with your audience.

Neuro-Rich Impact Speaking™ is a method developed exclusively by Rich Impact Speaking™ which makes the learning process faster, more effective, and sustainable. In addition, it can be helpful in overcoming nervousness before performances as well as promoting creativity and work efficiency. Neuro-Rich Impact Speaking™ uses body and sensory work to support the networking and collaboration of the various brain areas - brain stem, limbic system and neocortex, as well as left and right brain—for enhanced functionality.

Instruments from vocal training

  • breath – to support the voice and use pauses effectively
  • pitch and position of the voice – for a strong and well-placed voice
  • timbre – express with a warm voice, strong and rich and untiring
  • speed of speech, silence, volume – to enhance the effect of your statements
  • prosody – there is melody and rhythm in speech even if it is not a song

Breathing techniques from vocal training and yoga

  • to warm up your body and vocal instruments – mouth, lips, vocal chords, tongue
  • calm down – for a relaxed and alert attention
  • to strengthen your radiance – through very specific body work

Best practices from stage work

  • body language – consistent with the spoken word
  • movement – using movement on stage effectively
  • face gestures, nonverbal expression – to support your verbal messages

Individual solutions

Many years of experience in practice and specialized knowledge have shown us that standardized solutions often are not enough. Instead we observe you individually and design the training’s content according to your resources.

After an in-depth consultation and inquiry into your knowledge of rhetoric, abilities and aptitudes, observation of your body movement and vocal instruments we will detail a personalized solution.

Professional moderation Constanze v. Rheinbaben A.
Professional moderation Constanze v. Rheinbaben A.

Methods for Moderation

At Rich Impact Speaking we think of moderation as the facilitation of an environment in which the participants of an event—panel discussion, client conversation, stakeholder engagement dialogue—feel comfortable to speak about topics openly in order to give the listener a balanced picture of a situation.

As a trusted and neutral „external voice“ we gently guide the discussion and create a framework for a meaningful dialogue. We act along the process without influencing the content, ensuring that participants can concentrate on the essence of the discussion

From the preparation to the realization of your event

  • fast and comprehensive preparation of topics– also under intercultural considerations
  • joint elaboration of event goals – through intensive dialogue
  • joint identification of your target audience and discussion participants – regarding personalities, expectations and needs
  • structured and goal oriented moderation of your event– with techniques from group dynamics, education science and other best practices


The best of two worlds

My work is based on more than twenty years of professional experience in Banking, Rating Agencies, Consulting , and Energy industries in Germany, Latin America and the USA as well as long standing stage experience as a trained singer.

Constanze v. Rheinbaben A.
Constanze v. Rheinbaben A.


  • Economist – 1992, Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich, Germany
  • Master of Arts-Music-Psychotherapy – 2007, New York University, NYC, USA
  • State approved translator (German/Spanish)
  • Languages: German, Spanish, English, French, Italian


“The emphasis on free resources available to me that I can use to create an impact. The idea of resonance brought much clarity on the topic of speaking”

MBA candidate, esmt

It was of benefit to learn exercises how to prepare to speak. Gestures, warm up, voice stretching.

MBA candidate, esmt

“Regarding the session, I really enjoyed it! I knew I would learn some things by taking a Rich Impact Speaking training but not that much! What I love is that I received very useful tools and learned how to use them. Now I can improve and enhance their utilization thanks to your precious advice.”

Charles Angibault, Quality Specialist



Constanze v. Rheinbaben A.


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